Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life is like a mirror人生如鏡

Some things can be understood to understand life, some things are the whole life will understand.

A lifetime thing to understand relationships between people. Husband and wife, friends, relationships, everything is mutual. You give will be returned to you. Whatever you do to others is their own doing. No matter what you do to others, other than real reception, but your own. When you give to others, when you pay for someone else, that really is not profitable to others, but yourself. You bring joy to others, you get joy; blessing to others, you will be blessed; If you praise others, and soon heard someone praise you.

Western has a story: a farmer varieties of maize products every year to win awards, but he always put his championship points to other varieties of seed farmers. Someone asked why he is so generous? He said, I am to others, in fact, for their own good, the wind with the pollen flying around, and if inferior seed sowing next door, in the pollination process will naturally affect the quality of my corn, so I am happy with the other farmers planting the same varieties.

His words may seem simple, but deep with the philosophy of life. Whatever you do to others is their own doing. Whatever you want to get, may wish to let others get. The most fun is good. The best way to be happy is to do a good thing. Good is happiness for others, but also gave his best gift. Although simple reason that many people will agree, but really in reality with ease, this truth is life is to use only understand.

Life is like a mirror, your mirror smile in the mirror for you to laugh; you angry, the mirror will show you angry.






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