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Law of Attraction

1st Step to Law Of Attraction by Master Surjit Singh
Date : 12 & 13 May 2012
Location : Bayu Beach Resort 71050 Port Dickson, Malaysia
FEES: 2 day 1 night : RM 700
Early Bird : RM630 - payment by 28th April 2012

Struggling ? Transform Your Life !

Overcome the problems and hurdles in your family , marriage , relationships , health , finances , work and studies.

Harness and master your thoughts, feeling and bodies for dramatic turnarounds. Proven methods, proven success. NOT NLP, NOT hypnotism.

Anybody from 18 years up Men, Woman and Youths. People have overcome poor concentration, low self-esteem, fears and phobis, marital discord, unemployment..... and more.

Master Surjit Singh Khalsa is a qualifed Hatha Yoga instrutor with a Diploma in Yoga incorporating Anatomy and Physiology. As well as Yoga Teachers Diploma Course from Complementary Health Education Limited in England. He has spent many years working on developing and understanding the nature of self worth issues and connecting with our higher selves. He is also a certified Law of Attraction Coach.

What is Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy of life which is based on common sense, and is supported by plenty of scientific data. The most popular and obvious expression of the Law of Attraction is the concept of “like attracts like”.

Science is familiar with the expression of “like molecules tend to attract”. What “makes” like molecules attract? And why the Law of Attraction say that “like energy attracts?” Scientific data showed that all matter is actually composed entirely of energy. It states that matter and energy are just two different states of the same thing.

Why does the Law of Attraction say that “like energy attracts?”.

The Law of Attraction postulates that “attraction’ is the means by which the universe organizes itself. It is nature’s way of creating and expanding the universe.

The Law of Attraction is a way of understanding nature’s fundamental laws, and using this knowledge to create our life any way we want. The Law of Attraction says that we are completely responsible for the content of our lives, and that we create our circumstances (rich, poor, healthy, sick, etc) based on our deepest held thoughts and beliefs, both of which, of course, also have a frequency, just like all other energy.

At first glance, the ideas of the Law of Attraction can sound unbelievable, but on reflection it’s easy to see how they tie with our common-sense experience of the world around us. If we consistently have thoughts and deeply held beliefs of being poor, for example, The Law of Attraction maintains that we will create only lack and limitation in our lives. More simply put, we can’t become rich if our thinking is poor. The Law of Attraction shows us that nature simply doesn’t work that way.

Here is a question you may consider : “Do extremely wealthy people have an attitude of abundance and prosperity BECAUSE they are rich – or are they rich BECAUSE they have an attitude of abundance and prosperity? The Law of Attraction say that the second choice is always correct.

Law of Attraction and Energy

If you place you hand under the magnification power on a  microscope, what would you see? You would see cells that make up your tissues. Magnify further and you would see the various molecules that make up each cell. For example, there would be water molecules, oxygen molecules, carbon molecules, and so on. Whatever part of your body you look at is made up of molecules. Molecules themselves are made up of atoms. All atoms are made up of subatomic particles such as electrons and protons. And electrons and protons and all subatomic particles are actually energy! A proton is an energy packet.

Do you see that? The same hand that you see as a solid object when you observe it with your bare eyes is the same hand that looks like a  cluster of energy packets when you observe it at a suitable maginification. It is the same thing! You are a cluster of energy, and so is everything else.

This cluster of energy is always in motion, moving and changing to form new configuration at every moment. That table that is in your dining room is not as solid as it appears to be. On a highly magnified level, you would realize that it is in constant flux, ‘losing’ and ‘gaining’ billions of energy packets.,  but intelligently maintaining the overall ‘look’ of  a table.

There are 2 properties of energy. The properties are

Energy is called “the law of conservation of energy” – energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Eventhough energy is capable of changing forms, it can never be destroyed.

Energy vibrates at a certain frequency – energy vibrating at a certain frequency will produce a metal (lets say iron, for example), but energy vibrating at a different frequency will produce oxygen, wood, or even a human thought.

Quantum of Law of Attraction

We are like a computer and that the junk we have put in is what comes back out when we navigate our life. The programming we currently have at the quantum level is what dictates every single aspect of our life. Our current programming will keep us exactly where we are.

Most of the decisions we make and the feelings we have are based upon quantum levels of  programming that have happened to us over the many years of living and learning and experiencing. All of our current decisions and choices are made not with our conscious mind as much as with quantum levels of emotional, psychological, and spiritual programming.

We have spent years bombarding our cells and our entire body with specific emotional chemicals. Our bodies have become addicted to these emotional chemicals and always influence our decisions. In psychological level ,we have been bombarded ourselves with beliefs, opinions, ideas, concepts, and a million other pieces of information on how and what we should think. These quantum levels and mental wirings influence every single decision and choice we make as well.

The good news is that the only way to get real results is with the law of attraction. We must overcome and change our current programming and quantum level addictions. If we don’t, we are doomed to continue to make the same decisions that sustain the same beliefs, opinions, ideas, perceptions and emotional addictions. Create new perceptions, new addictions, and make them serve us, and we will be amazed at what we will accomplish.

Attraction varies from person to person. Our wants, needs and desires all are different but are focused on consciously or subconsciously with the same intensity. The only difference for each of us is what we are drawing to ourselves. Good or bad, meaningful or not, it is all our own creation. Our creation, though, when manifested might not be what we thought it would be. You might think you want one thing, but based on your OWN creation you might see that all your energy and thoughts were focus on something entirely different.

Importance of  Law of Attraction

·         Identify one’s actual goals and dreams and to be in harmony with them

·         Learning to stay focused on what we truly want, from the beginning till the end

·         Help clearing off doubts and obstacles along the road to success

·         Learning how to attract abundance of wealth, health, happiness etc

·         Develop high self confidence and trust

·         Becoming more in control of our own lives. (instead of being under control)

·         Discover our true self and learning how to accept and love ourselves

·         Strengthen our perseverance and determination in acting out our life plans

·         Increasing our creativity and imagination

·         Enhancing professionalism in executing job responsibilities

·         Develop positive thinking and attitudes towards every part of life

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