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要预约,只需致电: 016 2372433(来自 KL 或e-mail。 我们将与您一起找到一个时间,以满足您的调度需求。周末和晚上的约会。白天约会时,建议可能,但是,迅速填补周末和晚上。

Yoga for weight loss

There`s no question that yoga practice builds body awareness and acceptance, but yoga as a sure path to weight loss? Until now, doctors and scientists weren't`convinced. But a recent study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seat may make them sit up and take notice. Researchers queried healthy men and women about their weight history and physical activity from the ages of 45 to 55.It turned out that study subjects who were overweight and did yoga at least once a week had lost five pounds over the ten year period, while their non-yogi counterparts had gained eight.( Yoga practitioners of normal weight did tend to gain weight over the years, but people who didn`t practice gained more)

Yoga for weight loss classes are also private. Before starting any activity ask for a free appointment to fill in a student ´s health form and talk about you to tailor the session to your individual needs.  

To schedule an appointment, simply call at 016 2372433 (from Kuala Lumpur or e-mail . We will work with you to find a time that meets your scheduling needs. Weekend and evening appointments are available. Daytime appointments are recommended when possible, however, as weekends and evenings fill quickly.

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