Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seven love the color ╭ ☆ ╯

Red love

In the movie, red roller, ran all the chance, ran all the inevitable, ran all the hesitation of the moment
Ran across the bank's trading bell, ran round the fate of all the numbers.
Not, not, however, no wait, no tomorrow examination, no further discussion next week, no mortgage,
There is no "stock lock-in", not "please take a number", no annual leave 14 days.
Beating, beating, love ... ... ... ... In addition to heart nothing!

Golden Love

Klimt's golden pen lovers, luxury and fragile.
Love happens, ineffable pure, just like a golden light.
Clotting time, the flow of language, black mist, a faint light.
Occurred and not occurred in between the time of condensation, and chaos has been cut through a hole, forming the world.
But everything is so misty, beautiful, elusive, can not be both a text description of perception or poor.
Love lead us toward the mysterious unknown, like the birth of a poem

Purple Love

Love is all girl revolution.
Love came, there are no good girl, but love without guilt.
Love is a scream, fell hard on the door of love, love is heavy metal.
Love you to death, love is the end of the world.
Margaret Love is the Big Apple, occupying the entire screen of life.
Love can not accept other possibilities, love is absolute.
Love is all yu. Love is eaten by worms flowers, love is a beautiful and sad in MTV Alicia
Silverson jumped down from the cliff
Love is a row of despair, strawberry, bitten severely bleeding to himself.

Green love

Years later, the fate of all the manipulation of people, stars in a night, went to the window.
The tears had already formed a beautiful green sea ... ...
Once on the bus to imagine a picture:
Where in turn the car off the road
About to burst into the Pacific
In five seconds into the sea of this species to do?
I want to call you, hear you say "Hey"
Then you can hear the voice of seaweed, fish, voice, and my whole life to cry ... ...

Blue love

You see the color of the tree, you see the colors, you see the sea, you see the sky.
Love is the fat you fall in love with each other. If she is fat, fat is the United States.
Love is you fall in love with each other's collarbone. If she is thin, thin is the United States.
If he fell in love with another Marine, you will when her helmsman.
If he fell in love with another piece of the sky, you will help him fly.
Because you love him, you see the blue, a life, you have a urge to cry ... ...

Black Love

Black, cold colors.
Also love to love to go?
Despite the love to love, because it is based on hearsay evidence.
Please do not love tangles, anyway you do not have access to.
The body is real. Khan is real. Pain is real.
However, the language of love is full of errors ... ...

White love

Why so much love from the warm and passionate colors start

End, but always in that transparent teardrop! ! !
Sometimes not only the pure white, is the end ... ...

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