Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What can really eat up anything?

Around us, to eat barbecue point Ji Chuan Yang, "kidney" is the favorite of many men, plus by "Chi Sha Sha complement" traditional concepts, many men served on the table bullwhip, Yang Shen, liver, chicken kidney has a "functional impotence" or content-rich animal offal.

However, experts point out that recently there should be a scientific understanding of the nutritional value of animal organs and present danger, because even though a unique animal offal nutrients, but the viscera contain heavy metals cadmium, will have on the male sterile effect. ]

"Because it contains a lot of animal organs and the adrenal cortex hormones sex hormones, can increase sperm motility increase libido, impotence is the product of civil recognition is one of the more common food on the table." Henan Province People's Hospital of Urology, Chief Physician Dingde Gang said.

However, animal organs appear to have hidden impotence infertility crisis. Recently, the Taiwan experts, pigs, cattle, sheep liver, kidney, etc., which have different levels of heavy metals cadmium, and Hubei Provincial Health Department has reported the case of food contamination monitoring, animal kidney cadmium content of more than 100 times the national standard value. "Cadmium can induce testis, epididymis and other tissues and organs function on the occurrence of degenerative changes in the structure, and finally led to the decline of reproductive capacity." Dingde Gang said, in addition to cadmium, lead can also act directly on the core of the male reproductive system organs of testicular , resulting in reduced sperm count, sperm deformity rate, activity has declined and affect fertility. In theory, the human body have a certain capacity, toxic substances will not accumulate in the body, but if the excess intake, the body's own detoxification ability becomes insufficient, leading to accumulation of toxic substances in the body, when a certain volume of the explosion effect will be shown. "Is not just heavy metal, animal offal and cholesterol content is higher." First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University of nutrition dietitian pay Sanxian description, animal offal of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites easily be contaminated, if not do fried cooked through, It will increase the chance of infection.

Some people have the "Chi Sha Sha fill" mentality eating animal organs, but patients should not eat animals on the kidneys, because patients need to limit nutrient intake, and animal kidney high cholesterol, excessive consumption may increase burden on the kidneys, so that further deterioration of renal function.

Reversibility of sperm affected
"Causing oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia many reasons, more common there, reproductive tract inflammation and infection, immune suppression, taking the impact on sperm production of food and medicine." Oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia system checks should be cause before they can cure the disease. For the consumption of an impact on sperm generation drugs, a large number of acts such as eating animal organs caused Jingzi reduced leading to infertility situation if they stopped the suppression of acts of sperm production after a period of time to recover sperm Ke Yi to normal levels. Ding Degang suggested eating animal organs were also worried infertility, sperm quality can go to the hospital for examination.

Animal offal is not no use "scrap", they have nutritional value, rich in iron-rich, zinc and other trace elements and vitamins. Consumption of animal intestines, can effectively complement of these trace elements and nutrients the body needs.

Many men love to eat animal organs, but pay attention to the amount of intake, she suggested, once or twice a week at most animal organs can eat, but not more than 50 grams per consumption. "In addition, eating animal organs, the best to match some of coarse grains and vegetables, to supplement dietary fiber." Animal offal containing acid, coarse grains and vegetables are combined with the acid strength, can increase the exclusion of bile acids, reduce the absorption of cholesterol to achieve the role of lipid-lowering health care.

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