Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Abdominal Bandha (Upward Abdominal Lock)

Sanskrit name: Uddiyana Bandha

English name: Upward Abdominal Lock

Chinese name: abdominal Bandha

This is the best all Bandha a power law
Even the elderly can also have frequent changes to practice abdominal Bandha young
(Oo-dee-YAH-nah BAHN-dah
opposed to emancipation, mukti or moksha).
uddiyana = up
bandha = bundle, bundle


Strong abdominal muscles and diaphragm

Massage the internal organs of the abdomen, solar plexus, heart and lung

Improve digestion; clean digestive toxins

Stimulate blood circulation and abdominal blood supply to the brain

The lower abdomen to stimulate and enhance the energy, so that in the pubic region and combined with the energy of the heart


Stomach or ulcer patients



Heart disease


Menstrual period



1. Feet separate one foot (30 cm) standing, keeping eyelids open. Your upper body slightly bent forward, micro my eyes, put his hands around on two legs, respectively. Finger in the thigh greatly separated. (Different teachers have different positions on the abdomen Bandha prepared teachings.)

2. With his nose deep breath, and then rapidly and forcefully from the nose and exhale, tighten the abdominal muscles as far as possible, so that as many as possible of air discharged by the lungs. Then relax your abdomen.

3. Hold your breath, and be known as "simulated breathing" exercises, namely: expanding your rib cage (your chest) if to breathe (but does not actually breathe). The entire abdominal area back towards the direction of contraction of spine, pull over to the sternum to the abdomen bearing depression-like.

4. To maintain this status for 5 to 15 seconds. Then slowly release the tightening of the abdomen, but do not move the jaw and head. If the first move, then the heart will immediately feel the pressure. Inhale slowly eloquently. 3-10 times more steps by practice. According to their capacity to one or several natural breathing as the interval between each.

5. The whole exercise should be a continuous cycle of training only once a day. (Within 24 hours do not make this exercise more than 6 到 8 passes. Only in experienced yoga instructors personally guided 下, can increase the time to keep asking Huozhe style you practice.)

6. After emptying the bladder and large intestine in the fasting practice of this style.

Anatomy of concern


Thoracic cavity

Auxiliary therapeutic use



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