Sunday, August 1, 2010

The five sentences can change your life

The first sentence: a good habit!

This is what the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said. If the good is a habit, then laziness is a habit. Were born, in addition to temper will be different because of nature, other things are acquired basic form is the result of family influence and education. Therefore, our words and deeds are said, the cumulative effect habit. Some of our people formed a good habit, some people form a bad habit. Therefore, we should from now on become a good habit to make our best behavior for granted, become our second nature. Let us habitually to creative thinking, the habit of doing things to seriously, the habit of being kind to others, habitually appreciate nature.

Note: To be "filled", to be continuous, uninterrupted, "loaded", loaded for a long time to become really, and have become used to it, such as punctual, always be on time, you install equipment look, you see installed 30 years, installed a long time to form a habit.

The second sentence: Life is a process!

The results, while important things, but the process of doing things is more important because the result was better that we will be more happy, but the process to enrich our lives. The end result of human life must be killed, we can not say our life is meaningless. There are few world eternal. Students fall in love, every day, vowed that I will love you forever, this is actually true. Statistics show that college students love the 100 pairs in the final 90 will break up, were married last half will divorce. You say you love can be eternal? Therefore, the most true to say that: "I am today, at this moment is truly in love with you." Perhaps you wanted to take tomorrow, following a breakup, we will experience the pain of lost love. This experience is a process that enrich your life.

Notes: life itself is no sense, but you give your life meaning that you would achieve, so enjoy the process of life is a meaning.

The third sentence: the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line!

In human relations and the process of doing things, put things straight it is difficult to do. We sometimes need to wait, sometimes cooperative, sometimes tricky. We do things that will come across many difficulties and obstacles, and sometimes we do not have to stiffness, hard red, we can choose to bypass the difficulty, there is an obstacle to go around, maybe do things more smoothly. Think about it, we and others have to think about Naju Hua speak better to listen to it. Especially in the more complex society, we must learn to think of ways to understand others, to make people think you are this person is very mature, very good, you get to do it.

Note: If you are mathematics questions, be sure to answer the shortest straight line between two points, if you walk from A to B, clearly can last, but not all go, you'd better not go, because trap. In China do things, linear thinking in many places to run into a wall, which is characteristic of the Chinese way of doing things.

Fourth sentence: Only know how to stop people know how to speed up!

When I ski, the greatest experience is to not stop. I just started to learn skiing did not please coach, watching other people ski and is very easy to slide down the mountain from the top is not it? So I put on my skis, Chi Liu click on the slide down, and the results I slid down the mountain from the top, actually rolled down the mountain, bounded from point fall for many. I found that simply do not know how to stop, how to maintain balance. Finally, I repeated how to practice in the snow on the slope to stop. Training for a week, I finally learned to stop at any slope, sliding, and then stop. This time I find myself skiing, and dare to go from top speed to rush down hill. Because I know if I want to stop, a turn can be stopped. As long as you stop, you will not hit the tree, hit a rock and hit the man. Therefore, only know how to stop the people who know how to fast forward.

Note: The car analogy, the BMW can last 200 km, but only on the 120 km Chery, why? Engine estimated comparable, the difference in the braking system, 200 km on the car can not brake, Oh, my God!

Fifth sentence: to give up a kind of wisdom, defects as a favor!

When you have six apples, do not eat them all, because all you eat six apples, you have to eat six apples, eating into a kind of smell that is Apple's flavor. If you put five of the six apples out to others to eat, although you lose the face of five apples, but actually you got the other five of friendship and goodwill. You can get more later, when someone is when other fruits, but also will share with you, you will get an orange from individual hands, hands that person to get a pear, you may get the last six different fruits, six different flavors, six different colors, six friendship. People have to learn what you have to return to you something more important and rich.
So, give a kind of wisdom.

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