Sunday, August 1, 2010

What are the benefits of yoga

Speaking of yoga, CCTV broadcast've always thought that memorable scene: in a dark blue background of sea and space, a is always smiling, Ms. unique system a long braids sitting in which music mysterious magic, Ms. slowly changing with some fancy moves. Years later, the rise of the yoga craze.

But many people still do not understand the benefits of yoga. According to Hall's coach, said yoga, in fact, requires patience to practice yoga, yoga takes time to show results. A few weeks later, you will find inner peace than ever before, more focused attention. A few months later, organs and glands of rejuvenation will start to happen.

Regular yoga practice can make to increase vitality, to look and feel all younger, yoga can reduce facial wrinkles, resulting in a natural "face lift" effect. Inverted yoga postures can restore its original color, gray hair, gray hair and delay the occurrence of the phenomenon. This is because the inverted within the hair follicle can flow to the scalp to increase blood volume. The increased flexibility in the neck position so, remove the neck blood vessels and nerve pressure, and more blood flow to the scalp and muscles. In other words, hair follicles are more nutritious, healthy produce more abundant hair.

Yoga posture and yoga exercise to improve neck and neck conditions, thus improving vision and hearing. As yoga to include the brain, including gland rejuvenation effects nervous system, mental emotional state of nature will show positive. It makes you more confident, more enthusiastic and optimistic. Everyday life will be more creative.

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