Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remove "cellulite" Yoga Exercises

Exciting swimsuit season approaching, you are hated not because of himself, "orange peel" and lose the fat and confident then? Try it three times a week for yoga practice.

When do yoga, to be accompanied by abdominal breathing: the body sit up, breathe in Gu Fu, exhale curl ... ... for five minutes and then started first section action. Remember, abdominal breathing yoga exercise, but decided to effect the key! As long as perseverance, must give you a satisfactory result.

Shaping: remove "orange peel" Yoga Exercises

1. Cat parade

Legs and bend knees, hands support, the arm Bengzhi, raised his head, breathing; and breath, while abdomen Arch, to discharge the air as much as possible, relax the head drooping; repeated three times.

2. Tilt exercise

Legs and knees, body leaning forward as far as possible, straighten the back, arms and your head; a leg extension, while with the abdominal breathing, the muscles full of oxygen; then pulls one leg, so repeated twice. Shaping: remove "orange peel" Yoga Exercises

3. Half-bridge operating

Lying on the ground, legs bent, slightly separated, sole, arms relaxed; had thrust the pelvis forward, back straight, maintaining a certain time and a pattern of deep breathing with the abdomen, neck or back feeling relaxed; also between the knee clip a ball of fat within the thigh tightened. Do the same action twice.

4. Table Exercise

Back straight, arms vertical force on the pull, finger tight, shoulders the ground, legs bent elevation, to maintain this posture and breathing.

Shaping: remove "orange peel" Yoga Exercises

5. Prone Exercises

Reclining and lengthening the body, heads against the elongation of the arms, legs stacked, to maintain body balance, then slowly raised his legs; to maintain posture while using abdominal breathing.

6. Balance Exercises

Stand straight, one leg after the bend, hand tighten the ankle; upper body to keep straight, one hand up the front stretch to maintain balance, while accompanied by abdominal breathing; then another direction. Repeated twice.

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