Monday, August 2, 2010

How to develop your own yoga program

Learn to respect and listen to the guidance of innate intelligence is very important. I suggest you practice a day when the focus on their feelings and adjust their own yoga practice.

Posture and the posture matrix combination
All positions are divided into six types: such as sitting flexion, dorsiflexion sitting, standing, balancing postures, inverted postures and relaxation posture.
The above categories is further divided into the following five:

Neutral posture - the spine into a vertical or horizontal, upper and lower body into a horizontal or vertical.





This classification will help you select the appropriate practice for each of the complementary position, as can be sitting with standing flexion flexion, flexion posture balance posture exercises can prepare itself contains some balance postures such as the backward bending movements dance style.

Simple gestures to warm-up exercises

Relevant parts of the body to be careful when warming up, warm-up exercise to practice the selected position can be prepared prior to the body, and to practice safety. Warm-up proposal will specifically explain each position in the. As a beginner, if you find yourself just completed only warm-up action has not become discouraged. Practice time to feel comfortable as the limits of their own, and then gradually to practice difficult postures.

From the simple to the highly difficult position posture challenge

Postures mentioned here belong to different categories, and some only belong to a specific category. Shorter set of simple exercises you can choose from 2 to 6 position. Starting from a neutral position recommended practice, and then gradually practice other types of positions.
Flexion position before the start of practice, and then transition to other positions combined, which is very good. Select the start position to practice for a more challenging position after exercise to prepare.

Equilibrium position

After a certain part of the body warm-up exercises can be the basis of a balanced position. For example, butterfly-type exercises complete tree-style balance will find it easier to use. If flexion exercises completed action, you can type or lift the leg with the boat upright balance.
The end of the practice to do a balancing position, this time to maintain the spiritual focus, physical preparation.

Relaxed posture

The course of each exercise should be at least 3 or 4 times to relax, allowing the body to get enough time in practice relaxation. At the beginning of practice before you can do first relaxed position, so be prepared physically and mentally. Each exercise should be to relax the end position, such as dead horizontal, and hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes.


Meditation practice is usually arranged at the end of, or separate arrangements for other times of the day. Simple meditation is to focus on your breathing.
First of all, to be a viewer, with our eyes to observe the air from the nose and out of the situation, understand the feeling of nose breathing and breath. If you feel physically and mentally calm and continue to appreciate the air into the lungs and the lungs feel. From the respiratory rhythm even relax, feel calm inside the body.


Although the exercises are included at each stage of the process of breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation before, but still have to focus on control of breathing.

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